The Iraqi Air Force Targets Bridges And Railways Uses By Daesh To Move Inside Tal Afar

BAGHDAD - The Iraqi air force on Monday targeted bridges and barricades used by Daesh to move inside the district of Tal Afar.

"The Iraqi Air Force, based on information from the Popular Mobilization Intelligence, targeted several HQs for the terrorist organizations (Daesh) in the center of Tel Afar and bombed the bridges and railways used by Daesh to mobilize inside the district," a statement by the military media cell said.

He added: "Daesh organization withdrew from the outskirts of the southern district of Tal Afar and began to destroy the paved roads in an attempt to disrupt the advance of the security forces in the event of the launch of liberalization operations, and announced public Jihad for all those who can hold arms within the district.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency