– The Chargé d’Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Muscat (Mohammed Issa Al-Issawi) discussed with the Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs (Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak) regional and international peace efforts in light of the international initiative to end the war.

A Foreign Ministry statement said, “the two sides discussed brotherly relations between the two brotherly countries, regional and international peace efforts in light of the UN initiative to end the war and stop the Yemeni bloodshed, and coordinate in this regard.

The statement added that they stressed the importance of seizing regional and international initiatives to bring peace and not to miss the opportunity for the interests of the Yemeni people, with the importance that the two sides make the legitimate government and the Ansar Allah Al Houthi group many concessions to eliminate the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and allow aid to reach the Yemeni people.”

The Yemeni Foreign Minister praised the role of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein for their sponsorship and hosting of the Saudi-Iranian dialogue in Baghdad, which would ease the intensity of the Yemeni-Yemeni conflict and might make progress in resolving the Yemeni crisis.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency