The Iraqi Religious Forum Calls For Tolerance And Rejection Of Extremism / More

Baghdad The participants in the Forum of Iraqi Religious Authorities, which concluded today, Wednesday in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, called for building the homeland and achieving citizenship through tolerance and rejection of extremism and violence.

In the final statement, the participants praised, according to SPA, the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in sponsoring initiatives to promote peaceful coexistence and civilized dialogue, and to confront extremism and violence globally and in Iraq in particular.

The final statement stressed: the necessity of activating the Makkah Al-Mukarramah Document, opening channels of constructive dialogue and positive communication between scholars to address emerging issues and renewed crises, and that this forum be a nucleus for adopting these channels.

The participants also called for the dissemination of the common values brought by Islamic Sharia to build the homeland and achieve citizenship, by spreading the spirit of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, moderation, and rejecting extremism.

The participants emphasized that the priority in religious and media discourse is to emphasize the word of monotheism and unity of the word, preserving the identity of the homeland and keenness on building it, rejecting terrorism and condemning violence in all its forms, in addition to paying attention to the jurisprudence of peace to contribute to building a righteous society based on coexistence and community peace.

They called for the rationalization of religious fatwas in order to achieve the purposes of legislation in preserving the five necessities, whether at the level of the individual or society, in a way that preserves the Islamic and human commonalities.
The statement recommended the establishment of a commission for cultural communication between the sects and followers of the religions that make up Islamic societies, and the establishment of a joint coordinating committee that brings together the Iraqi authorities and the Muslim World League, to follow up the initiatives resulting from this forum, activate any upcoming initiatives and coordinate among them, and the activities and activities that follow to achieve its set goals. .

The historic forum, which brought together all the Iraqi religious authorities, which have weight and influence in the Iraqi scene, came to one table for the first time, in response to the invitation of the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency