The Iraqi side has not fulfilled its promises against terrorism in Kurdistan

Human Rights

Baghdad The Iranian Revolutionary Guard confirmed that we targeted this morning the headquarters, centers and weapons stores of terrorists in the Kurdistan region.

In a statement, he said, according to Iranian media, we used missiles and drones during the attack.

He added: The ground force carried out this operation after we issued many warnings to the governments of Baghdad and the Region, during the joint diplomatic and security meetings, of the consequences of the continued activity of terrorist organizations against our national security.

He continued, “Unfortunately, the Iraqi side has not implemented its promises in a practical and effective manner, and we, on our part, can no longer tolerate this situation and cross our red lines.”

He pointed out that members of the separatist organizations in the region participated in the riots that Iran witnessed recently, especially in the execution of killings, burning and destruction of public and private property and bringing weapons into the country.

The Iranian forces had renewed their missile bombardment this morning, Monday, on the town of Koysanjaq, 60 km east of Erbil, which led to the death of a civilian and the injury of eight others.

Source: National Iraq News Agency