The Joint Operations announce the near liberation of the Old City in right side of Mosul

Baghdad / National Iraqi News Agency The command of joint Operations announced the close to liberate the old city in the right coast of Mosul in full.

Spokesman for the Command Brigadier General Yehia Rasool said in a statement that heroes are still in the battlefields of operations / O, we are coming , Nineveh/ and continue to liberate what is left of the old Mosul from several axes.

"The units of the Rapid Response Division of the Federal Police in the northern axis continue the process of encircling the Republican Hospital and is targeting the elements of the terrorist organization trapped in it, in addition to continuing to liberate the northern part of Al-Shifa district after the forces of the 9th Armored Division liberated the southern part and took control of the fifth bridge."

Rasul added that "the army units in the northwestern axis, continuing the process of progress after advancing in the area of Al-Farouk and took control of parts of Meshahda area, while the forces of the anti-terrorism in the western axis, achieved progress in the area of Al-Farouk."

He pointed out that "the federal police forces in the southern axis continue the process of progress in the areas of Ras Al-Jadida and Bab Al-Jadid and Bab Al-Beidh towards Al-Khazraj area, supported by the Iraqi air cover represented by the air force, which provided great support to our factions as they advanced in the battle axes."

"Rasul explained that what concerns us is the evacuation of the citizens after the terrorist organization used them as human shields and we were able to open safe corridors, and thousands of citizens were evacuated and transferred to other areas and provided medical and humanitarian support to them."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency