The Local Govt Of Al-Majar Al-Kabir Holds Police In Maysan And Security Forces Responsbilty Of Deterioration In The District

Amara The Mayor of the Majar al-Kabir District in Maysan Ahmed Abbas, on Friday, held the police headquarters in Maysan and the security the responsibility of the deterioration in the district.

Abbas said that the lack of speed and response to the appeals regarding the tribal conflict had caused the deterioration of security in the district as a result of a tribal conflict.

A well-informed source, who declined to be named, said, “A clan conflict lasted for an hour due to a dispute over a sum of money of one thousand dinars in Al-Majar Al-Kabir district.”

The source indicated that “the conflict resulted in the death of a child, the injury of two others, and the burning of three houses and a generator.”

The district of Al-Majar Al-Kabir, the second largest city in Maysan Governorate, (35 km) south of Al-Amara.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency