The Military Conscription Law Is Subject To Controversy And Political Controversy And Cannot Be Enacted At The Present Time

Baghdad The Parliamentary Legal Committee has ruled out the possibility of passing a draft law on military conscription during the current session of the House of Representatives, suggesting that it is likely to move to the next legislative session.

Committee member MP Saeb Khidr said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: “The draft law has been subject to controversy and parliamentary political disagreement for years, regarding the details of its binding and the powers of its legal timings, so it cannot be passed easily in the current session, and it will be relayed to the legislative session.” noting: “The new draft law is still outside the corridors of Parliament, awaiting its formal presentation to the concerned parliamentary committees.”

He added that “the draft law on conscription, compulsory service, was presented in the previous session and was returned to the government at the time because there were many obstacles to its legislation,” noting that “the same obstacles still exist, some of which are political, security, and the other financially, as well as the time remaining until the election date on the tenth of next October, it is not enough to present it to the discussions between the political blocs.”

The Council of Ministers, in its regular session, held yesterday, Tuesday, approved the draft law on conscription, and referred it to the House of Representatives.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency