Baghdad Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Hassan Nadhem discussed with an Iranian media delegation headed by Ali Mousavi, editor-in-chief of the (Iranian diplomat) website, a number of files related to antiquities and culture between the two countries.

Nadhem said , according to a statement by the ministry that: there is a depth of civilization that links the Iraqi and Iranian peoples, and Iranian scholars have contributed a lot to Islamic civilization, pointing to the importance of joint cooperation between the two countries at the technical levels, especially in the cinema sector.

He added that there are Iranian experts in the field of antiquities who have announced their desire to restore the destroyed and damaged Iraqi antiquities, including the Taq-Kusra site. There are also Iranian experts who are members of Alef International Coalition team, which is currently undertaking the process of repairing Taq, pointing out: There is continuous coordination in the areas Publication and religious tourism between the two countries, which bear cultural, economic and social dimensions as well as the religious dimension.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency