The Minister of Foreign Affairs reviews the progress of work in the consular department and directs its employees to make more efforts and complete the transactions as soon as possible

Baghdad Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein was briefed on the progress of work in the consular department and the provision of services to auditors.

The Minister listened, according to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, to the most prominent obstacles and problems facing citizens and ways to overcome obstacles and provide the required services, instructing the consular department staff to make more efforts and complete transactions as soon as possible, explaining that the Ministry has taken new steps to facilitate the review of citizens, and launched the electronic reservation service to authenticate transactions to maintain the integrity of the auditors.”

The Minister added: “We hope that we will be successful in providing more, and we hope that the electronic reservation has facilitated even a little bit of momentum.”

He noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened attestation offices in (5) governorates to provide consular services to their sons within a plan set by the Ministry to facilitate the provision of consular services to citizens, spare them travel hassles, and refer to the Ministry’s center in Baghdad.

For their part, the citizens praised the work of the consulate staff in facilitating their procedures, and the electronic reservation system that the Ministry recently launched.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency