The Minister of Immigration discusses with the delegation of the American Institute of Peace in Iraq and the Middle East the file of the displaced people

Baghdad The Minister of Migration and Displacement, Evan Faeq Jabro, discussed with the Director of the American Institute of Peace in Iraq and the Middle East, Dr. Elie Abu Aoun and his accompanying delegation, the file of the displaced people and the projects that the institute will present to prepare the appropriate ground and facilitate the return of the displaced people.

During her reception of the delegation at the Ministry building in the capital, the minister said that “the ministry adopted the tribal reconciliation project in the past few days, as it implemented it in a number of governorates such as Salah al-Din, Diyala and Anbar, and it had a great impact on the convergence of views between clans and the displaced people, and their return to their areas of origin, noting that international organizations, especially the Peace Institute, should support returning families with projects in the areas of return and rehabilitate them for their reintegration into society, especially women who support them, stressing that the ministry suffers from a lack of financial allocations, which negatively affects the provision of financial grants to returnees.

For his part, Abu Aoun affirmed that the American Institute of Peace is very enthusiastic about the partnership work with the Ministry of Immigration to facilitate the return of the remaining displaced families through the national reconciliation project adopted by the Ministry and to provide sustainable solutions and improve the reality of families in the areas of return, indicating that the Institute is working on holding workshops in the middle of this month in Al-Qaim district in Anbar governorate and Sinjar district, west of Mosul, to bring the views between the Yazidi and Arab clans.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency