The Minister of Interior told NINA: We have discovered all criminal crimes and have reached advanced stages in the files of kidnapping and assassinations.

Baghdad Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanimi assured the citizens of the ability of the security services to discover crimes hours after their occurrence.

Al-Ghanimi said, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the security forces discovered the crime of assassinating the Baghdadi girl within 24 hours, and her brother, the culprit was arrested, which is a private family crime, indicating that other criminals are under follow-up to arrest them.”

He added, “all criminal crimes have been discovered, and there are many kidnapping and assassination files, and we have reached advanced stages in them, but everyone knows that the investigation will not be presented in order to ensure the integrity of the judicial procedures,” noting that “all the investigation files that are resolved we announce them without hesitation, and all crimes that are discovered hours later, because most of them are of a criminal nature, in which more than one party, including kidnappers and criminals, participates.

He explained that “the security services have opened investigations into many files, not only under the current government, and these investigations are still ongoing because the rest are some of the perpetrators, and we will announce that soon.”

Regarding the surveillance cameras project in Baghdad, Al-Ghanimi confirmed, “the Ministry of Interior received the file from the Baghdad governorate, and a technical committee was formed from the Intelligence Agency and the Information Technology Department, and allocating the necessary funds to install and rehabilitate the cameras system in all areas of the capital.”

On the security plan for the elections, he explained that “the Ministry of Interior will play the largest role in the election protection plan, as a solid security plan was prepared to secure the elections process next October, in order to create a safe environment for citizens to vote away from weapons,” stressing that “the Interior Ministry has gone ahead with the elections, amending job loyalty in all security institutions and strengthening the role of the judiciary in security work.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency