The Minister of Transport discusses with the American Ambassador the development of the reality of Iraqi Airways in the country

Baghdad The Minister of Transport, Captain Nasser Hussein Bandar Al-Shibli, received today, Thursday, in his office, the American Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, and discussed with him the development of the transportation reality in the country and the development of the level and technologies of the national carrier by putting it in modern, sophisticated Boeing aircraft, according to the agreement and the concluded contract between the two parties since 2008.

A statement by the Ministry stated that they had discussed the mechanism for completing Iraq’s supply of Boeing aircraft, of which 14 have arrived, and the remaining 16 aircraft are awaiting entry after their modernization from the Boeing 737 to the Boeing 737 Max, according to the contract that includes 30 aircraft, which will enter service at the beginning of next year, with two aircraft each year, the contract included 10 787 Dreamliner aircraft, which will enter service in February of next year in the form of batches.

He added, “It was also discussed about opening direct transport lines between Iraq and America due to the presence of large numbers of the Iraqi community there and to facilitate their return to the homeland and visit their families and relatives in order to shorten the time and alleviate the burdens of the Iraqis as a result of the expensive expenses.”

During the meeting, they also discussed the mechanism of lifting the European ban imposed on the national carrier and lifting sanctions to resume the return of the national carrier’s flights in the skies of the whole world.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency