The Minister of Water Resources is discussing with the Iranian Ambassador ways of joint cooperation in the water sector

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Baghdad The Minister of Water Resources, Awn Dhiab Abdullah, discussed with the Iranian Ambassador, Muhammad Kadhem Al Sadiq, bilateral relations and ways to expand them and enhance cooperation and joint coordination between the two neighboring countries.

A statement by the Ministry stated: The Minister gave a detailed explanation of the water situation in Iraq and the common rivers and tributaries that feed some Iraqi governorates and the Iraqi marshes and the impact of climatic changes on Iraq, which significantly affected the irrigation reality in the country, in addition to the water scarcity that afflicted the country for three consecutive seasons because of its geographical nature, it is one of the countries most affected by climate changes.

He stressed the importance of reaching mutual understandings and agreements based on accurate scientific and technical foundations based on transparency in the interest of our two neighboring peoples, adding the necessity of activating visits and joint committees at the technical and ministerial levels, reaching bilateral understandings and overcoming all obstacles within the frameworks and bilateral agreements previously concluded between the two countries.

For his part, the Iranian ambassador expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iraq, since the two countries have social relations that necessitate more joint cooperation through constructive and meaningful dialogue in accordance with the climatic conditions that the region is going through in general. He addressed the Minister with an official invitation from the Iranian Minister of Energy to visit his country.

He also expressed cooperation in providing support in the field of using modern irrigation methods and opening the horizon of cooperation in the field of establishing a green belt in desert areas far from the center of cities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency