The Minister of Water Resources told NINA: Iraq has seriously shifted towards best management of the water file

The Ministry of Water Resources confirmed that Iraq is seriously shifting to best management of the water file through the use of modern irrigation techniques and equipment.

The Minister of Water Resources, Aoun Dhiab, stated. In a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), ‘Iraq is currently turning seriously to the best management of the water file, and there is a complete priority and seriousness for the government, with direct guidance from the Prime Minister personally, to take care of this file.’

He explained, ‘The government has made financial allocations to purchase modern irrigation equipment and the real trend is to use the closed irrigation system on agricultural lands instead of the open irrigation system,’ noting that ‘The Fourth Baghdad International Water Conference witnessed a series of meetings and scientific workshops that achieved clear results with the aim of reaching real, practical understandings, “Guaranteed application on the ground.”

He added, ‘The Baghdad International Wa
ter Conference is a qualitative event to shed light on the water situation in Iraq and reach important results for the management of water resources in Iraq,’ stressing the necessity of support for Iraq from all Arab parties and neighboring countries regarding justice in the distribution of water shares and the common interest of the countries from which the rivers’ waters originate.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency