The Ministry of Environment Directed To Form An Emergency Crisis Cell To Provide Necessary Plans To Confront Natural And Non-Natural Disasters

Baghdad The Ministry of Environment directed all governorates to form an “emergency crisis cell” to provide the necessary plans to confront natural and non-natural disasters.

The Technical Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs in the Ministry, Jassem Al-Falahi, said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it: “The Emergency Crisis Cell, headed by the governors, and the membership of the directors of all departments, will contribute to providing and implementing urgent solutions to prevent and confront many natural and non-natural disasters, and also how to deal with them, if they occurs, in scientific ways, to preserve the safety of the environment and the health of citizens.”

Al-Falahi attributed the reason for the directive to the existence of “various crises resulting from natural crises that threaten the environment, life and safety of citizens, including the Coronavirus pandemic, bird flu, fires, earthquakes, torrential rains, floods, and others.”

He stressed the need to “enable local administrations to implement the necessary measures and provide emergency plans to prevent and confront them.”

He pointed out that “the decision of the committee will be for the director of the governorate’s environment, provided that its meetings are held monthly to study the various disasters that may occur in the governorate and the precautionary measures that are required, to prevent their occurrence or recurrence.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency