The Ministry of Foreign Affairs And The National Security Adviser Host The Ambassadors Of Iraq and Pakistan in Islamabad and Baghdad for a strategic dialogue session

Baghdad The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the National Security Adviser, hosted a strategic dialogue session at Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies today, Thursday, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Ahmed Amjad Ali, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Islamabad Hamid Abbas Lafta. The session was opened by the Strategic Affairs Adviser, Saeed Al-Jiashi, on behalf of the National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, and in the presence of a group of specialists, officials and researchers concerned with strategic affairs.

The dialogue session included a review of the common interests between Iraq and Pakistan presented by the Pakistani ambassador, and the current areas of cooperation presented by the Iraqi ambassador in Islamabad.

The most important and promising areas of cooperation between Iraq and Pakistan in education, security, tourism, religious visits, oil, energy, investment, high-level training, the importance of mutual visits by officials of the two countries and what is reflected in the common interests and the Pakistani government’s interest in the importance of Iraq and its regional and international role, important questions were raised from the audience and were answered very clearly.

The Pakistani ambassador explained his country’s interest in combating Islam phobia and its impact on world public opinion.

The dialogue session ended with important recommendations, and the National Security Adviser expressed its follow-up in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency