Baghdad, The Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 24 suspects in a number of Baghdad areas, including residency violators.

The Ministry said in a statement, “24 suspects were arrested according to legal articles (drugs, quarrel, assault, theft, residency violators) through the ongoing security effort implemented by the Fifth Division units of the Federal Police, in cooperation with the intelligence effort detachments and security units working in implementing arrest warrants for outlaws within the areas of responsibility in the areas of (Seven Palaces, Umm Al-Kabr and Al-Ghazlan, Al-Rashad, Al-Talibiya, Al-Hussainiya) in Baghdad.”

The statement added, “3 Kalashnikov rifles, a pistol, 3 ammunition stores, 45 bullets, and two illegal Tik Tok motorcycles were also seized.”/

Source: National Iraqi News Agency