The Mufti of the Republic calls on Al-Kadhimi for an immediate initiative of a general amnesty before the “million-strong demonstration”

Baghdad The Mufti of the Republic, Mahdi Al-Sumaida’i, called on today, Thursday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to take the initiative “immediately” to announce the issuance of a general amnesty before the “million-strong demonstration” early next month.

In a statement, Al-Sumaida’i said that Al-Kadhimi “must show solidarity with the Iraqi people and pay attention to an urgent word for the Iraqi people, which does not include courtesy or political piety, regarding issuing a general amnesty.

He added, “the families of prisoners and detainees are determined to stage a demonstration in which millions will gather, and they have a date of June 1, 2021.”

He continued, “Our demand and them should be immediately answered to the question that was raised two years ago, why do not you issue a general amnesty? Does your conscience only rest with torture, and oppression of Iraqis and their families?”

Al-Sumaida’i called on Al-Kadhimi to “immediately initiate a press meeting, saying your historical word to the Iraqis and telling them that a general amnesty will be issued with no black point.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency