The National Committee For Nuclear Reactors: The Construction Of Large Reactor Plants Needs About Five Years

Baghdad Head of the National Committee for Nuclear Reactors, Dr. Kamal Hussein Latif, revealed that: Large nuclear reactor plants need about 5 years to build from the moment of signing the contract after obtaining approvals and determining the location. He pointed out that the construction of small and medium stations needs 3 years.

Latif said in a statement that: Preparing the cadres working in these reactors is done through the contract concluded with the foreign company that will build the reactor. In the construction contract, it will include building cadres by specifying the required number and types of specializations, in addition to administrators, support departments, medical examination and evaluation, health physicists and all working staff.

Latif indicated that: The training program will include nominations for postgraduate studies from masters and doctorates at the expense of constructing the reactor, so that the team will be ready and trained on this type of reactor specifically, and the team will have obtained a license from the party of the project and have a certificate of working hours spent in training in similar reactors outside Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency