The National Security Adviser chairs a meeting of the strategic psychological cell

Baghdad The National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, chaired today a meeting of the strategic psychological cell, at Tamayyuz Center of the National Security Adviser, in the presence of the cell members, a number of university professors and members of the Security Media Cell.

Al-Araji stressed in a statement, “The government media should be proactive in disseminating information first-hand, as it is the government’s source and the only official window for disseminating news related to security events and the activities of the security forces of all kinds.”

He pointed out that the government’s discourse should be a moderate one directed to all citizens, and should carry within it accuracy, professionalism and credibility. The government security forces are discreet, professional, and up-to-date, in order to miss the opportunity to broadcast fake and false news.

The statement added, “The Iraqi university professors discussed the importance of the government media discourse being moderate and professional, rejecting violence and extremism and calling for tolerance and community peace.”

The members of the Security Media Cell also presented a summary of their duties and tasks in the cell, stressing the importance of taking into consideration the remarks of the National Security Adviser on the cell’s work.

He continued, “The meeting witnessed a discussion of topics on the agenda, including ways to motivate voters to participate in the elections, and the psychological vision of dealing with events, as well as the subject of the government media discourse, and the participants’ proposals were discussed and the necessary decisions were taken.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency