The National Security Adviser in response to a European request regarding the arrival of migrants to Lithuania: Iraq refuses to accuse its international airports of conducting illegal flights

Baghdad  The National Security Adviser affirmed Iraq’s readiness to cooperate in combating transnational organized crime represented by illegal immigration gangs, and to arrest and prosecute any suspect who committed this crime.

The Chancellery stressed Iraq’s absolute rejection of the inquiry directed by the European Commissioner, because its basis is illegitimate on any clarifications required from the Iraqi government, provided that it does not constitute a direct or indirect accusation of participating in any illegal acts.”

In response to the European Union’s request regarding the illegal arrival of immigrants to Lithuania, the Chancellery commented that “Iraq does not encourage its citizens to immigrate, but some Iraqi tourists are deceived by illegal immigration gangs and approve immigration,” stressing that “Baghdad International Airport is dedicated for legal travel only, and since Belarus legally allows Iraqi tourists to enter its territory, the Iraqi state cannot prevent its citizens from traveling to a country legally (and no country in the world can prevent its citizens from traveling legally), so flights to Russia Al-Bayda through Baghdad International Airport are legal and legal flights, and the arrival of Iraqi tourists to Belarus is also legal.”

It explained that “the presence of a small group of Iraqis who are being deceived, cannot be a reason to prevent all Iraqis from traveling to Belarus, because this would be an illegal decision and inconsistent with the Iraqi constitution and the International Charter on Human Rights.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency