Baghdad The Office of the Presidency of the Republic congratulated the press family on the National Press Day.

In a congratulatory cable, the Chief of the Presidency’s Office, Muhannad Hossam El-Din, said: “On the occasion of the founding of the Iraqi press, we extend our best wishes full of hope and giving to the Iraqi journalistic family. As we renew our confidence in our committed press, we appeal to the media to support efforts aimed at revealing the facts, prosecuting the corrupt, opening new horizons of national action, defending the people’s interests, safeguarding freedoms, human rights, and exercising the fourth authority’s vital and oversight role, from the premise of the sacred national duty.

He continued: “On this dear occasion, we cannot but remember the martyrs of thought and free speech from the Iraqi journalists who sacrificed their blood in order to convey images of facts transparently and honestly.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency