The Palace of Culture In Basra Hosts Kuwaiti Poet And Journalist Huda Al-Muhtadi Al-Rayes

Basra  The Palace of Culture and Arts in Basra, hosed the Kuwaiti media figure, poet and broadcaster, Huda Al-Muhtadi Al-Rayes, in the presence of elite intellectuals and writers of Basra, to talk about her media and poetic experience.

The host session was presented by Dr. Maher Al-Ketibani, stressing that Al-Rayes was associated with the beautiful time when she was on the screen on Kuwait TV and on the radio of Kuwait, “noting that “she entered the homes with her heroine and the splendor of her performance and entered the hearts.”

Then the journalist Huda Al-Muhtadi spoke at first welcoming her audience of good and generous Basra and said I love you all, dear audience, and I salute through you all the good people of Basra. I loved Basra since my childhood because I heard about it and the kindness of its people. The wonderful, creative people and I knew your names through social media and what I received from your creations, and I really love you very much and I feel proud and happy now that I am among you in dear Basra.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency