The Parliament of Kurdistan rejects all decisions taken by the House of Representatives and the federal government

Baghdad /  The Kurdistan Parliament voted in its session today and unanimously rejected all resolutions issued by the House of Representatives and the central government in Baghdad.

He said at the end of its meeting today that “control of border crossings is not the authority of the federal government and the decisions of the Federal Council ia as a collective punishment of the people of Kurdistan.

The Council appreciated Mr. Sistani’s initiative to resolve the crisis and welcomed the efforts made to this end and called for the implementation of the results of the referendum on independence.

The Kurdistan parliament held a regular session on Saturday, to discuss the decisions issued by the federal government and the House of Representatives in response to the referendum.

The representative of the supreme religious authority Ahmed al-Safi called in Friday sermon to resort to the Constitution and the Federal Court in resolving the outstanding issues between Baghdad and the region, warning of the intervention of regional countries exploiting political circumstances, and ignoring the rights of the Kurdish people.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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