The Parliamentary Majority Will Vote For The Govt. Proposal On Kirkuk Elections


The House of Representatives Rapporteur, Niasi Myanmar Uglu confirmed that the parliamentary majority will vote on the text of the government proposal on Kirkuk in the provincial and district elections law.

He told NINA that “The disagreement over the Kirkuk elections has not yet been decided, and we have reached a moderate solution in the past period to distribute the 13 seats of the Kirkuk Provincial Council to four seats for each of the components of the Arabs, the Turkmen and the Kurds. And one seat for the Christian component, “noting that” the representatives of the Kurds withdrew from that consensus and proceeded to adopt the request for holding general elections, like other provinces. “

He added that “holding general elections in Kirkuk without the distribution of seats will lead to the distribution of administrative positions in the province without returning to the elections, and ignores the privacy of the province and the multiplicity of components, which is rejected by Arabs and Turkmen,” noting that “to maintain the competence of the provincial council to determine the fate of the city is a red line “.

He added that “the continued non-agreement of representatives of the components of Kirkuk will lead to present the government text of Article 37-52 in the law of provincial and district elections, and the parliamentary majority will vote on that proposal.”

The House of Representatives recently decided to invite the Council of Ministers to set a new date for the provincial council elections, but not exceed the maximum of the month of December of 2018.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency