The Pentagon: The drone that targeted the tanker “Mercer Street” was made by Iran / Expanded

– The Central Command of the US Armed Forces (Centcom) announced that the experts’ conclusions confirm that the drone used to target the “Mercer Street” tanker in the Gulf of Oman was Iranian-made.

The Central Command revealed in a statement, today, Friday, the results of the investigation into the attack on the tanker, which was conducted by American experts.

According to the statement, the tanker was subjected to two unsuccessful attacks by drones on the evening of July 29, and on July 30 it was subjected to the third attack, which killed two crew members.

Experts’ conclusions indicate that the drone was carrying explosives of military use, which caused an explosion that caused significant damage to the ship.

After conducting chemical tests, it was determined that the explosives used were of the RDX type.

Analysis of the wreckage indicates that it is identical to previous models from the remains of Iranian drones.

“Centcom” added that it provided the evidence to the British and Israeli experts, and that the conclusions of the experts in the two countries were identical with the conclusions of the American experts



Source: National Iraqi News Agency