The Pentagon: The Taliban can check what they want from our abandoned weapons, they will not be able to use them

Baghdad The Spokesman for the US Department of Defense  Pentagon  John Kirby confirmed: “The weapons and aircraft that were left in Afghanistan were disabled and became unusable before the departure of the American forces.”

Regarding the pictures that were circulated of the elements of the “Taliban” movement checking weapons and planes, Kirby said: “They can check whatever they want and they can look at it, they can walk around it, but they can’t fly and they can’t operate the weapons.”

He continued, “We were keen to disarm and make all equipment at the airport and all aircraft and vehicles unusable.”

“The only thing we have left operational are two fire engines and forklifts so that the airport remains more efficient,” he added.

“Although we do not believe the numbers remaining in Afghanistan are significant, we are clearly concerned about our American friends, allies and fellow citizens who are still there,” he added.

He added, “The US government will remain aware of its obligation to these citizens who remain there, and it is clear that we are concerned about the possibility of Taliban retaliation, and we are certainly aware of the threat that ISIS continues to pose inside Afghanistan.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency