Baghdad The US Department of Defense announced that the threat to Kabul Airport is still real and specific, explaining that the US forces have the right to confront all attacks in Afghanistan.

A Pentagon Spokesman said during a press conference, that US forces have transported more than 122,000 people from Afghanistan so far, adding that we will help the largest number of people who leave Afghanistan, and we continue to support relief operations, response and provision of aid.

He stressed that there was no damage from the three missiles that fell in Kabul, explaining that 5,400 Americans were among the 122,000 people who were evacuated from Afghanistan.

He continued, “we have to be ready for danger and threats in Afghanistan, and we do not want to have any additional military role in Afghanistan after August 31, as no one could have imagined the record speed with which the Afghan government fell, and the military leaders in Kabul have the powers to destroy any American weapon to avoid reaching terrorists.

Earlier in the day, White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed a missile attack on Kabul airport, noting: “The evacuations are continuing without interruption.”

Psaki said in a statement: “President Joe Biden has informed that operations are continuing without interruption at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, and has renewed his instructions to officials to redouble efforts to do everything necessary to protect our forces on the ground.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency