The PMF Foils A Major Attack To Daesh, West Of Mosul, Coming From Syrian Territory

BAGHDAD - Popular mobilization forces on Sunday foiled a major attack to Daesh, west of Mosul, inflicting them heavy casualties in the lives and equipment.

"Our forces, backed by the army aviation, managed to thwart a major offensive by Daesh coming from Syrian territory, west of Mosul," the commander of the 13th Brigade in the popular mobilization, Qassim Musleh said. "Other forces from the PMF supported the third brigade holding the ground on the line of the border, west of Mosul. "

"Our troops are vigilant and cautious and ready at any time, and all the border forces have made great efforts to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border," Musleh added.

It is noteworthy that the popular mobilization forces continue to hold the Iraqi-Syrian border after the liberation of large areas were under the control of Daesh organization "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency