The PMF Launch The “Revenge Of Heroes” Operation To Track Down ISIS Remnants In Western Anbar Regions

Karbala The Anbar Operations Command for the Popular Mobilization launched a security operation at dawn today (Revenge of the Heroes) targeting the border strip and security soft areas with the participation of (4) brigades of the Popular Mobilization in addition to the supporting directorates of the Authority.

The commander of Anbar operations, Qassem Musleh, told the website of the PMF, “Our forces launched a major operation at dawn today, targeting the border strip with Syria, which extends from al-Qaim district towards Al-Waleed port, passing through a number of areas and valleys that are described as having a security impact and that ISIS terrorist gangs take as a safe haven.”
Musleh added that the operation came after observing enemy movements in a number of those areas and avenging the martyrs of the heroic border guards who were targeted a few days ago.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency