The PMF Target Daesh Gathering And Foil An Infiltration Attempt On The Iraqi-Syrian Border

BAGHDAD – The popular mobilization forces, on Monday, targeted a gathering of Daesh, and thwarted an infiltration attempt of the organization’s militants on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

“a force of the PMF killed a number of terrorists during their gathering in Masada area on the Iraqi-Syrian border,” a statement from the media of the PMF said, adding that “the mortar squad of the PMF managed to target a gathering of Daesh in a school in Masada area.”

The statement added that “the same force also thwarted an infiltration attempt of Daesh militants near Hajim village in the Iraqi-Syrian border,” adding that “the forces killed four of the infiltrators after trying to hide between a herd of sheep.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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