The popular crowd announces the liberation of / 310/ square kilometers and /21/ villages since the start of the western axis for the Liberation of Nineveh operations

BAGHDAD / The popular crowd announced the liberation of /310/ square kilometers and /21 / villages since the start of the western axis for the liberation of Nineveh operations. "

A statement by the popular crowd "said that the popular crowd forces succeeded in the completion of the bulk of its military operations for the fifth phase in the western axis of the Mosul with attainable frontiers of Tel Abth and encircle it militarily as crescent of three axes of the east and north-east and south, where they liberated 310 square kilometers, and 21 villages up to yesterday ".

The statement added that the crowd forces completed the fortifications and clearing villages of explosives and improvised explosive devices and create a line of defense as well as the dismantling of seven car bombs in villages that have been liberated."

The statement noted the importance of liberation Tel Abtah district, which will be the first city entered by the crowd in Mosul, considering that Tel Abtah has a strategic depth for terrorism, to cut off the most important main supply lines for Daesh between Western Sahara of Inbar and desert urban down to Tal Afar, controlling almost half of the island, starting from Tel Abtah west toward the Syrian border, in preparation to liberate Afar and Al-Hadhar area.

The statement said that the crowd Information refers to the loss of the enemy the ability of the resistance, and resort to attacking with car bombs and detachments, and does not constitute any progress to him, but rather as a defense line the crowd forces managed to destroy it in several areas, therefore, large numbers of the enemy losses due to the loss of support and supply.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency