The Popular Mobilization Rescue 50 Displaced People West Of Mosul

BAGHDAD - The 13th Brigade forces in the popular mobilization forces rescued 50 displaced people during their escape from the villages controlled by "Daesh" within the western sector of Mosul.

Major General Qassim Musleh said today that the brigade was able to rescue 50 displaced persons (children, women and men) during their escape from the villages occupied by Daesh and the brigade's work to provide them with all foodstuffs and also transferred them to a safe place under the protection of the brigade forces.

Musleh confirmed that "within the operations (Muhammad Rasool Allah II) the brigade was tasked to provide protection for the popular mobilization forces advancing towards Baaj area, west of Mosul as well as protect the road at a distance of more than (20) km.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency