The ports of Iraq explain the causes of the fire of the Umm Qasr excavator

Baghdad The ports of Iraq have clarified the causes of the Umm Qasr excavator fire.

It stated in a statement: This morning, Saturday, September 4, the excavator (Umm Qasr) was exposed to a fire due to an electrical short, according to what was found in the initial disclosure.

It added: The naval units close to the accident and the tug-of-war of the Gulf Neighborhood Company, as well as the ship’s modern firefighting system, went to carry out their duty and put out the fire at high speed without causing any human losses…except for minor material losses consisting of mattresses and furniture in the room of the chief engineer of the excavator.

It is noteworthy that the necessary precautions and precautionary measures taken by the ports of Iraq to reduce such incidents and quickly treat and extinguish them using modern methods and the advanced firefighting systems that our ports and marine units are equipped with prevented the spread of the fire and controlling it without human losses and this is important.

The senior management formed a committee to investigate the causes of this accident.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency