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The Presidency of Kurdistan calls on the central government to put an end to the actions of the PKK against the region

Baghdad The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region condemned the attack of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on the Peshmerga forces, stressing the demand from the federal government in Baghdad to intervene.

In a statement received by the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) it said: “We strongly condemn the attack launched by (PKK) militants at dawn today in the Matina area of Amidi district (Amadiya) on the Peshmerga, which resulted in the death of five Peshmerga members and wounding several others of them”.

It stressed the need to put an end to the actions of the PKK hostile to the Kurdistan region, and to prevent their unjustified continuation, which has been practiced for three decades against the people of the Kurdistan region, which has resulted in continuous tragedies for citizens, disrupted reconstruction and prevented the return of life to hundreds of villages and rural areas of Kurdistan.”

It added, “they have been constantly causing problems, as they do not show any respect for the administration and laws of the Kurdistan region, and they constantly threaten the security and stability of our country’s citizens.”

It warned that “the PKK will once again be a cause of tension and chaos,” demanding that “they keep their gunmen away from the borders of the Kurdistan region, respect the entity, administration, and borders of the region, and not take the territory of the Kurdistan region as a launching pad for their attacks on the neighboring countries, thus destabilizing security and stability.”

The Kurdistan Region Presidency stressed the importance of “the federal government performing its duties and responsibilities.”

The Ministry of Peshmerga had issued a statement earlier today, saying that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) had targeted an ambush of Peshmerga forces in “Mateen” mountain in Dohuk governorate, causing casualties and injuries among them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency