Baghdad The media office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Shakhwan Abdullah, denied what was circulated and published in the media today, Tuesday, by naming MP Gharib Askar from the Turkmen Parliamentary Bloc as second rapporteur for the House of Representatives.

The Vice-Speaker of the Council said in a statement to his media office, “We believe in the necessity of the participation of all components and nationalities in the tasks and positions of the Council, and where the Presidency decided that the second decision of the House of Representatives should be from the share of the Turkmen component, but so far no person has been named until the presidency is addressed by the Turkmen list officially and choosing a person to take up this position so that our role, as the presidency of the Council, can approve it and ratify its duties within the legislative institution, if the representative is Gharib Askar or any other Turkmen figure.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency