Baghdad The President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, met, at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, the Head of the Federal Supreme Court, Judge Jassim Muhammad Aboud, who congratulated the President on his assumption of the position of President of the Republic, wishing him all success in performing his duties.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic stated, “Rashid expressed his thanks to the President of the Federal Supreme Court for his kind congratulations, praising the work of the federal judicial authority, and stressed the need to make efforts to support the judiciary and to strengthen cooperation and coordination between the higher institutions of the state to guarantee the rights of all people in accordance with the law and the constitution, and to preserve Protecting rights and freedoms, achieving justice, and supporting the government in a way that meets the aspirations of citizens for a dignified life and better living and service conditions.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency