The Prime Minister directs to overcome obstacles to the digital transformation process in state departments and e-government applications

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani directed to overcome the obstacles to the digital transformation process in state departments and e-government applications.

A statement by his media office said that the Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, chaired today, Monday, the first meeting of the Supreme Committee for Digital Transformation, and witnessed a discussion of the reality of electronic services and e-government applications currently underway, in addition to research into defining digital policy and ways to organize regulations and develop the infrastructure specialized in these areas.

According to the statement, the meeting also discussed possible partnerships with the private sector, and evaluated current courses of action in order to draw a road map, draw on successful global experiences, and form a technical team of specialists, to develop a curriculum for state institutions and their applications for digital transformation.

The Prime Minister stressed that this meeting is the beginning
of a series of governmental steps to unify the work of ministries and agencies, and comes after a series of governmental attempts that continued for 15 years, which were not under a unified umbrella, and did not meet success due to the absence of a comprehensive vision, and faced resistance to change, and problems in financial allocations, which had no obvious effect.

He stressed the availability of positive initiatives for a number of Ministries in this regard, and the need to undertake comprehensive digital transformation remains, in addition to the necessity of having a comprehensive vision to manage this vital development.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to work to overcome the intersections among the various parties and overcome the obstacles to change, while recording notable successes in this context, including applications; The electronic card, the data center, the Ur platform, electronic payment, and the electronic passport, and he directed the departments concerned with following up on the tr
ansformation process, facilitating administrative changes and dealing with the challenges that accompany them according to scientific foundations and quickly applied field solutions.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency