The Prime Minister inspects poultry projects in Wasit and stresses the importance of supporting the local product

Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi inspected a number of sites for agricultural and animal production companies and poultry fields in Wasit Governorate, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture, Engineer Muhammad Karim Al-Khafaji.

Al-Kadhimi was briefed on the progress of its work and urged the employees to make maximum efforts to increase production and improve its quality, and he also listened to the complaints and suggestions of those in charge.

He stressed the importance of advancing the agricultural reality in Iraq, which has witnessed a significant decline during the past decades as a result of wars and conflicts, and also because of mismanagement, planning and the spread of corruption, which prevented the agricultural sector from being the forefront of the rest of the sectors after oil.

Al-Kadhimi stated: “The government, within the framework of the long-term economic reform approach that it has planned, has adopted support for the private sector and provided the requirements for its development due to its importance in revitalizing the economy and achieving sustainable development goals, by overcoming obstacles and providing the appropriate environment to attract local and foreign investment to work in all Areas, especially in the agricultural sector.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency