Baghdad The Ministry of Migration and Displacement announced the return of (183) families, comprising (960) displaced people, from Al-Jada’a Fifth Camp in Nineveh Governorate and from Samarra District in Salah Al-Din Governorate to their original areas of residence, as part of the emergency plan organized by the Ministry to return the displaced voluntarily.

The Minister of Immigration, Evan Faeq, said that “a new batch of (495) IDPs has been returned, amounting to (90) displaced families from Al-Jada’a Fifth Camp to their areas of origin in the center of Mosul, in addition to the return of (465) IDPs, amounting to (93) families from Al-Jada’a clan Rafiyat from the Samarra region to their original areas in Sayyed Gharib.

She explained, “the return of the displaced families came after completing the security check for them in coordination with the security forces and local governments, and they were delivered to their original areas of residence with all their belongings,” noting that the displaced families continued to return voluntarily.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency