The Security Forces Adopt “Scorched Earth” To Pursue ISIS Cells In Hawi Al-Azim

Baquba The security forces resorted to the “scorched earth” method to discover the hiding areas of ISIS cells on the borders between Diyala and Salah al-Din.

A security source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today that “the security forces recently adopted the scorched-earth method in Hawi al-Azim, far north of Diyala, to end any presence of ISIS in the midst of jungles and reeds that constitute large areas for hiding after carrying out terrorist attacks.

He added that the scorched earth is a new method to prevent the establishment of hideouts or infiltration paths for ISIS. He stressed that the security forces began burning reeds and razing the bushes to reveal their hiding places and prevent attempts to infiltrate the area.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency