The Security Media Cell Clarifies The Nature Of The Movement Of An Armed Faction To Anbar

Baghdad The Security Media Cell (SMC) clarified the nature of movement of an armed faction to Anbar.

A statement by the Security Media Cell stated that some social media and media sites reported that (an armed faction is bringing in vehicles heavily armed with fighters to Anbar without military orders), and we make it clear that this is a convoy of the heroes in the popular mobilization who are enrolled to perform the duty in their headquarters after the end of their periodic vacations and on their way to Al-Qaim District.

The SMC confirmed that the popular mobilization forces (PMF) is part of the security and military establishment, and that its presence is officially in accordance with military orders.

We also call on those who circulated these news to be accurate in transmitting information, not spreading rumors, and knowing the facts from their official sources exclusively.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency