Baghdad The Security Media Cell identified the place from which the Katyusha rockets were launched, which targeted the Karma district in Fallujah.

The Cell stated in a statement: “A cowardly terrorist act targeted Karma district, the birthplace of Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi, where three Katyusha rockets landed in the center of the judiciary, after they were launched from the side of the “Tigris Arm” area towards the center of the district.”

It added, “The first missile fell behind the municipality garage, while the second fell on Street 20 in front of a citizen’s house, and the third landed in Al-Rashad area, injuring two citizens who were passing by.”

It added, “The security services have taken the necessary measures in connection with this incident.”

A security source had announced earlier this evening that three Katyusha rockets had fallen in the Karma district in Fallujah.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency