The Security Media Cell: These Are The Details Of The Arrest Of The Tribal Mobilization Forces’ Anbar Operations Commander

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the details of the arrest of the Anbar Operations Commander in the Tribal Mobilization Forces, Qasim Musleh.

The Security Media Cell said, in a press statement: “Based on an arrest warrant and a judicial investigation issued on 5/21/2021 in accordance with Article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law, a security force carried out today at dawn 05/26/2021 the arrest of the accused Qasim Mahmoud Karim Musleh and he is being investigated by a joint investigation committee regarding the criminal charges against him, according to the legal contexts.

It added: “The operation does not target any military or security party as rumors of the promoters of sedition,” stressing: “All military and security services are under the command of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency