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The Security Media Cell: Weapons And Ammunition Seized North Of Baghdad

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the seizure of weapons and ammunition north of Baghdad.

The cell said in a statement that, based on accurate intelligence provided by the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense, and in coordination with the Intelligence Division of the Baghdad Operations Command, forces from the Intelligence Division of the 11th Division, the Division’s Intelligence Regiment, the 44th Brigade, the Baghdad Commandos Regiment, and other security services in the sector of responsibility, carried out a massive inspection campaign in Al-Rashidiya areas, north of Baghdad, to seize unlicensed weapons and ammunition, which pose a threat to community security, and it resulted in the seizure of 8 anti-personnel rockets, 8 mortar rounds of 120 and 60 mm caliber, five spG9 rockets, two explosive devices, a Kalashnikov rifle, in addition to a plate filled with C4.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency