The SMC Reveals The Details Of The Arrest Of The Financial Supervisor Of ISIS, Deputy Of Abu Bakr alBaghdadi

Baghdad The Security Media Cell revealed the details of the arrest of the financial supervisor of ISIS, the deputy of Abu Bakr AlBaghdadi.

In a statement, it said, "In conjunction with the electoral process, we would like to inform our honorable people, the good news of the arrest of the General Supervisor of the Department of Financial and Economic Files of the terrorist organization ISIS, Sami Jassem Muhammad Jaata alAjoz alJubouri, nicknamed "Abu Asia" and "Abu Abdul Qadir alZubaidi," where the criminal was arrested in a qualitative work by our valiant forces in the National Intelligence Service, and a special operation outside the borders.”

It explained, "The criminal is one of the most wanted internationally, and he is close to the committee authorized to manage the organization and is close to the current leader of the organization, the criminal Abdullah Qardash."

Sami had held leadership, security and financial positions within the terrorist organization, including the position of deputy terrorist Abu Bakr alBaghdadi. He also assumed the responsibility of the socalled House of Money in the organization and the deputy governor of the Tigris state.

The organization has faced major blows in the recent period, by arresting and killing a number of its most important leaders and princes, in a way that enhances the country's security and prevents the organization from carrying out its criminal activities in Iraq.

The cell renewed the pledge to the Iraqi people that all security forces will be an eye that does not sleep, to maintain security and stability throughout our country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency