Kirkuk The work team to restore stability in Iraq, which includes representatives of the embassies of countries supporting Iraq, as Germany, France, Denmark and the German development program visited Kirkuk, and they were received by Governor Rakan Al-Jubouri.

The governor of Kirkuk said during his meeting with the team that in our liberated areas, we face two challenges: the continuation of efforts to combat terrorist remnants, return the displaced people, and support and perpetuate coexistence.

He added: “We have restored life to many areas after years of migration, destruction, targeting and displacement, indicating that we have 18,000 destroyed homes and 138 villages and districts, and the extent of the destruction needs great support.

He explained that the volume of what was allocated to Kirkuk in the Reconstruction Fund or the United Nations Development Program was not proportional to the size of the destruction in Kirkuk or to liberated regions and governorates, as of the total expenditures of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, which is 940 million dollars, Kirkuk’s share was only 18 million dollars, which represents 1.9 percent.

The Governor of Kirkuk valued the role and support of the Prime Minister, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers and the security forces in supporting stabilization efforts in Kirkuk.

He said that we hope that this visit will open the doors of support for the reconstruction and development of the liberated areas and support efforts for stability, security and peace in Kirkuk,, stressing that Kirkuk today is safe and stable and its people coexist with each other and supportive of reconstruction, life and peace .. explaining that we are keen to achieve meaningful and successful reconciliation and support stability in Kirkuk, and this is one of the features of the success that brings together the people of Kirkuk.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency