The Tunisian President accuses parties of trying to establish laws in exchange for sums of money

Baghdad Tunisian President Qais Saeed said during his meeting with Tunisian human rights officials that he will not let those who stole Tunisians’ money tamper with the people’s livelihood, pointing out that there are people who tried to pass laws in exchange for sums of money.

He added, criticizing: “They starved them, abused them, and bankrupted the state, as Khaznadar and Bin Ayyad did. Then they find in some legal texts exits, and the cases remain in the shelves of the courts for decades, and some documents were even stolen from the files.”

He pointed out that “there is a group of people who manage and others implement what was agreed upon in order to strike the institution of the Presidency of the Republic.”

He also indicated that there are those who are trying to establish laws in exchange for sums of money, adding that “there is a chapter they tried to pass with 150,000 dinars, so is this legitimacy or a slave market?”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency