The Turkish Company Baykar announces that it has successfully tested a domestic hypersonic missile

The Turkish company "Baykar" announced that it had succeeded in launching a locally manufactured "IHA-230" missile, hitting the target accurately from the Turkish Bayraktar Akanci Teha drone.

Baykar, the manufacturer of the drone, said in a statement: The operations of integrating new locally produced munitions and systems into the "Bayraktar Akanci Teha" drone continue successfully.

It is noteworthy that the "IHA-230" is the first Turkish "air-to-surface" supersonic missile was developed by the Turkish company "Roketsan" for defense industries.

The missile hit its target with complete accuracy, at a distance of 140 kilometers, to succeed in its first launch test from an air vehicle.

The company added in its statement that the drone took off from the "Akenji Flight Training and Testing Center" in the state of Tekirdag, northwestern Turkey, and that the missile test took place in the shooting range in the state of Sinop, in the north of the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency