The UAE Hosts The 19th Conference Of Arab Ministers Of Higher Education

Dubai The UAE will host the nineteenth conference of ministers responsible for higher education and scientific research in the Arab world, organized by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science "ALECSO".

The conference aims to enhance Arab cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research, in a way that contributes to achieving development, prosperity, progress, sustainability of knowledge, and progress and technological progress.

The UAE Ministry of Education had participated in the eighteenth conference hosted by Algeria during the period from December 26 to 28, and the recommendations of the Algiers conference included an invitation to "ALECSO" to cooperate with the UAE to benefit from its experience in the smart learning system, and to discuss mechanisms for raising the performance of University institutions and research projects in the Arab world, and adopting a project to test the latest findings of the smart learning system, which has been developed since 2010.

The recommendations referred to encouraging research and academic unity among Arab universities, developing or updating their national frameworks for qualifications, keeping pace with changes to benefit from them in promoting scientific research in the humanities and social sciences, focusing on applied research, encouraging its dissemination and making it available, linking it to the needs of the public and private economic and social sectors, and supporting major qualitative projects implemented by ALECSO in the areas of artificial intelligence localization and the Arab classification of universities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency